Stud­ies at Fac­ulty 10

Ad­vis­ory fa­cil­it­ies at the fac­ulty

If you have any specific questions and requests related to your degree course, you can contact the advisory facilities within the faculty as follows:

Ex­am­in­a­tions of­fice

The examinations office can help you with any questions and requests related to the topics of examinations, course credits, accreditation and certificates.

Examinations office: Read More

De­gree course ad­vis­ory ser­vices

Faculty 10 currently offers 6 bachelor’s and 5 master’s degree courses as well as partial courses for 5 teacher training subjects. You will find a list of the relevant degree course advisors on the websites for the individual courses under the heading “Contact partners”. They are very happy to help you with any special issues related to the courses.

Degree course advisory services : Read More

Stu­dent body rep­res­ent­at­ives

Members of the student body in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (10) provide important information about studying and campus life from the perspective of students. They also represent the interests of students on the faculty’s committees.

Student body representatives: Read More

Me­dia work­shop

The help point when preparing and presenting all kinds of printed and digital media such as bindings for degree dissertations.

Media workshop : Read More

Stu­dent ser­vices

Advice from advanced students as the first point of contact.

Student services: Read More

Vir­tual Buddy

Students from all the subjects at the faculty support those starting their degree courses with regard to any questions that they have about studying; they also organise regular meetings for people to get to know each other even when there is no direct student/teacher contact.

Virtual Buddy : Read More

In­ter­na­tional Of­fice

The International Office at the faculty advises students who are interested in pursuing a course outside Germany or finding a placement abroad. It is also the first point of contact within the faculty for all foreign students.

International Office : Read More

Equal Op­por­tun­it­ies Of­fice

The local women’s and equal opportunities office at the faculty advises people about equal opportunities, support for young academics, diversity and combining a family and career/degree course.

Equal Opportunities Office: Read More