Quality of Teaching

The quality of teaching and learning is regularly and methodically analysed at various organisational levels with quantitative and qualitative instruments:


Survey instruments


Student survey at each session ("paper & pencil", all 3 semesters) and followed by a discussion of results with university lecturers


Module evaluation ("paper & pencil", all 3 semesters)

Course of study

Degree Programme Interview (Students, Lecturers, Administration)

Alumni (graduate) surveys (in cooperation with INCHER Kassel)
Student Retention study ("paper & pencil", currently in the test phase within the Bachelor of Physics programme)

Accreditation (in cooperation with ASIIN e.V.)

External Evaluations (Evaluation network ENWISS)


Bachelor Survey (Online)

Teaching Report (all 3 semesters incl. discussions with the university management)


In regards to control-based quality assurance, all of the teaching participants are involved in the evaluation processes. The results are fed back directly to the relevant students and, collectively, are used to solicit means of improvement.

The evaluation results and teaching reports (including the reports on the application of QSL-funds) are being released regularly.