Cold Atoms

Rydberg states of atoms might provide many solutions.  These highly excited states have very large outer orbitals, the size of which scales as n2  quantum number resulting in some extreme properties. projectpage Cold Atoms >>>

Ther­mo­dy­nam­ics in lin­ear Paul traps

While thermodynamic systems are generally treated by averaging over many body systems, we scale such a system down to the ultimate limit of a single quantum particle. We analyze an experimental scheme for a nano-heat engine using a single ion as working gas. An Otto cycle may be implemented by confining the ion in a linear Paul trap with tapered geometry and coupling it to engineered reservoirs. Are the classical thermodynamic laws, based on the dynamics of large ensembles, still valid for a single particle? Do they have to be modified when employing quantum reservoirs?

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Solid state quantum com­puter

The control of single atoms and its interactions in solid matter offers a variety of applications in quantum information processing.

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Chiral op­tical forces and mat­ter-wave in­ter­fer­o­metry

Chiral molecules of opposite handedness interact with circularly polarized light in different ways. The resulting effects, such as optical rotation and circular dichroism are established measurables for quantifying molecular chirality.

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