Wintersemester 2006/2007


31.10.Stefan Fritzsche????
7.11.Daungruthai JarukanontQuasi-bound states and heteroclinic structures in the driven Morse potential
14.11Samuel Baltazar RojasQuantum transport in molecules on surfaces
28.11.Pedro Armando Ojeda MayModels for protein folding
5.12.Lesya BorowskaAngular correlation in the two-photon decay of the initially aligned highly-charged hydrogenlike ions
12.12.Eeuwe Sieds ZijlstraLaser-induced phonon-phonon interactions in bismuth
19.12Alexander UvarovMobility properties of complex macromolecules in solvents
9.1.Stefan PieperQuantum Dynamics of H2+
16.1.Ciprian ChirilaIonization dynamics in streched molecules
23.1.Larisa TatarinovaNonlinear effects in optics: self-guiding versus self-focusing
30.1.Dimitri Gridnev????
6.2.Josef Anton????
13.2.Thomas RadtkePolarization-entanglement in atomic two-photon decay