Wintersemester 2008/2009


11.11.08Ignacio SolaWave packet trips in laser-induced potentials (LIPs) and their molecular properties
18.11.08????no talk
25.11.08Maria LenkDie Renormierungsgruppe am Beispiel des Ferromagnetismus
02.12.08Prof. Dr. J. L. Dorantes Davila
Universidad Autónoma de
San Luis Potosí, Mexico
Magnetic Nanostructures
09.12.08Daungruthai Jarukanontpostponed
16.12.08Elmar van der ZwanMolecular orbital tomography using HHG and ATI
13.01.09Eeuwe Zijlstra, Alan Kalitsovpostponed
20.01.09Jesus RenteriaMagnetic domain wall in nanowires
27.01.09Junais Habeeb MokkathDensity functional study of the structure and magnetism in small FeRh alloy clusters
03.02.09Matthieu SaubanèreDFT calculations on metallic chains with a single magnetic impurity NiCux and CoCux
10.02.09Chirag JhalaApproaches to time-dependent multicomponent dynamics