Zoological collection

The Department of Zoology hosts a diverse zoological collection that includes different vertebrate and invertebrate taxa. The specimens held in this collection are used for both teaching and research purposes. Photo gallery of the zoological collection:

Collection overview 1
Collection overview 5
Different species of mammals
Molluscs and echinoderms
Skeleton of a mole
Brittle star: Giant basket star
Detail: Chelicerates
Collection overview 2
Skull collection
Recent and fossil vertebrates
Different invertebrate taxa
Detail: Archaeopteryx
Amphibians, snakes and lizards
Detail: Chelicerates
Collection overview 3
Different sponges and corals
Different species of butterflies
Detail: Fish
Brachiopods: Lingula sp.
Collection overview 4
Different corals and molluscs
Detail: European Peacock
Detail: Corals
Recent and fossil molluscs