Welcome to the Institute of Chemistry

The core research areas of the Institute of Chemistry, which currently consists of four research groups, are highly topical fields of chemistry of mesoscopic systems, macromolecular chemistry, organometallic chemistry and molecular materials. In addition, research in chemistry education is conducted at the Institute of Chemistry.

The Institute of Chemistry offers a consecutive bachelor's and master's program in the natural sciences. The institute stands out for its extensive supervision and manifold support measures that anticipate students' varying levels of expertise. Numerous subject areas offer students the opportunity to focus on their individual fields of interest. Research interests can be strengthened in master's degrees in other natural sciences. During the master's program in physics or biology our students participate for a year in current research conducted in the respective research areas.

In addition to these subjects, the education of chemistry at German secondary schools, which prepare pupils for university (Gymnasium) of for traineeships (Haupt-/Realschule, Berufsschule), can be studied. The teacher training programs consists of modules that integrate the subjects of science and of science education, which allows from the first semesteronwards a close interconnection between these subject areas. Thereby the University of Kassel places importance on teacher training programs that are up to date and highly innovative.

Research and study groups that are oriented on chemistry and originated from the Department of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences merged at the Department of Chemistry. Furthermore, the groups Mesoscopic Systems, Macromolecular Chemistry and Molecular Materials and Organometallic Chemistry are members of the science center CINSaT.