Research interests

Atom physics

  • Electron correlative effects in atoms
  • Photoionization after stimulation with highenergetic photons
  • Inner core stimulation and subsequent processes
  • Quantum mechanical interference phenomena
  • Atoms after interaction with high fields and short pulses

Magnetic thin film systems

  • Exchange Bias
  • Modification of magnetic layer systems due to bombardment with light ions in the keV range
  • Magnetic multilayers with noncollinear magnetizations
  • Generation of artificial domains
  • Structure and electrical resistance of domain walls
  • GMR- and TMR layer systems
  • Graded Anisotropy layers and layer systems

Molecular/cluster physics

  • Fragment state-selective investigation of photo dissociation processes
  • Molecular inner core stimulation and subsequent processes
  • Dichroism effects during photo ionization and dissociation of chiral molecules
  • Interatomic Coulombic Decay

Nanotechnology and Nanobiotechnology

  • GMR angle sensors
  • Programmable magnetic logical elements
  • Magnetooptical surface plasmon resonance sensors for biological interaction analysis
  • Remote control of magnetic particles to mix smallest amounts of fluids and to transport biomoleculs
  • Self-assembly processes controlled by local magnetic stray fields