Proteins involved in endocytic transit (Lysozyme)

Lysozyme text

Top: Vesicles containing lysozyme (blue dots).

Right: Immunofluorescence image of a cell expressing lysozyme-GFP (green) stained for lysosomal esterase (red).

Lysozyme Text 2

Function: Lysozyme degrades bacteria in vitro. A mutant lacking the major lysozyme isoform compensates by increased phagocytosis.


Müller et al., 2005

  • Müller, I. Subert, N., Otto, H. Herbst, R., Rühling, H., Maniak, M. & Leippe, M.: A Dictyostelium mutant with reduced lysozyme levels compensates by increased phagocytic activity. J. Biol. Chem. 280, 10435-10443, 2005