Wintersemester 2018/2019

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Supriya Ghosh

Indian Institute of Technology Mandi,

Kamand, India

"Photophysics of organo lead halide perovskites: Microcystals, nanocrystals and thin films"

Dr. Christian Wiebeler,

Fritz Haber Center for Molecular Dynamics Research,

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

"Simulation of Light-Induced Processes: Molecular Materials and Proteins"

Pankay Seliya,

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER),

Mohali, Punjab, India

"Studying excitation wavelength dependent solvation dynamics using two dimensional electronic spectroscopy"

Mikayel Musheghian,

Marie Curie Initial Training Network MEDEA,

POLIMI (Politecnico di Milano)

"Progress in the development of Ultrabroadband CEP-stable Ti:Sa amplifier and a 3-micron few-cycle OPA"