Archive of older program versions

Version 8.2 from January 2017 is using the latest version of bass-dll and has been compiled with the newest version of compiler availible to make it best compatible with modern hardware and Windows-versions. It is now a 32-bit and a 64-bit version available. Please notice that both versions use different bass-dll versions that are combined correctly in the zip-file. A few additional features are available: image-files can be saved in more graphic-formats (bmp, jpg, gif, png, tif), manual text is included in the program and some typos have been removed. Please report any problems with the new version to TeachSpin or to matzdorf[at]physik.uni-kassel[dot]de.

Download: (Version 8.2)

Version 8.1 of the program SpectrumSLC is available since February 2016. It has been completely rewritten compared to version 7.1. It is better compatible with current versions of Windows and provides some additional features for plotting of data (EPS-format, styles). This version needs another bass.dll file than the older versions. Please take care that the new bass.dll packed in the zip-file will be in the same directory as the exe file.

Download: (Version 8.1)

Version 7.2 has never been published. It contains an update of the COM serial-port driver. It is only relevant, when a HAMEG function-generator type HM8131-2 is used instead of the sound card. In all following versions the serial port is no longer supported. For completeness the version is available here.

Download: (Version 7.2)

Version 7.1 of the program SpectrumSLC has been used all the time from 2009 to 2016. In addition to the functions of the first version it gives a warning when the analog-to-digital converter of the soundcard is saturated by too high input voltage. It also shows a scale for the amplitude on the vertical axis of the spectra. It is online since Januray 21, 2009.

Download: (Version 7.1)

Version 7.0 of the program SpectrumSLC.exe was the first version that has been published. It is online since November 21, 2008.

Download: (Version 7.0)