M. Sc. Byungryul Jang

Doktorand Theoretische Physik I

Research interest:

  • Density functional theory of the transition metal magnetic anisotropy of nanostructure clusters
  • Spin density waves and chiral magnetism in transition metal chains
  • Electric-field manipulation of anisotropic magnetic interactions

Previous publications:

  • "Graphdiyne as a high-capacity lithium ion battery anode material", B. Jang, J. Koo, M. Park, H. Lee, J. Nam, Y. Kwon, and H. Lee, Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, 263904 (2013).
  • "High-throughput screening of metal-porphyrin-like graphenes for selective capture of carbon dioxide", H. Bae, M. Park, B. Jang, Y. Kang, J. Park, H. Lee, H. Chung, C. Chung, S. Hong, Y. Kwon, B. I. Yakobson, and H. Lee, Scientific Reports 6, 21788 (2016).