Where is the doc­toral pro­ced­ure reg­u­lated?

The General Regulations for Doctoral Studies at the University of Kassel (AB-PromO) regulate the doctoral studies procedure. Everything you need to know about this can be found in the mentioned doctoral regulations. In addition, there are special regulations of our department, for example, which doctoral degrees are awarded or which minimum degree is usually required to be accepted as a doctoral candidate. Some regulations of the doctoral regulations require a more precise interpretation by the doctoral committee. Corresponding decisions of the doctoral committee or also of the departmental council of the FB 11 are included in the following answers.

As of August 25th 2016 the new version of the General Provisions for Doctoral Examinations at the University of Kassel became operative. All registrations for a doctorate and dissertations, submitted from August 25th 2016 on, are subject to the provisions of the new version of 2016.