PhD pro­ced­ure

Pro­ced­ure of ad­mis­sion for the doc­toral study, of ad­op­tion of doc­toral can­did­ates and of ad­mis­sion for gradu­ation (Dr.agr.)

according to the General Regulations for Graduations at the University of Kassel (AB-PromO) and the Special Regulations of the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences

Gradu­ation pro­ced­ure at Fac­ulty 11

  1. After you have found a supervisor for your doctoral study project, you must submit the completed application for acceptance as a doctoral candidate to the doctorate office in Kassel. It will take some time to examine your application. First, it will be reviewed by the doctorate office in Kassel, then by the dean's office, and finally by the Ph.D. board of the faculty. You will have 5 years from the date of acceptance as a doctoral candidate to submit your dissertation.
  2. Application to open the main proceedings and submission of the dissertation to the Ph.D. board is done via Mrs. Hupfeld, Steinstraße 19, 37213 Witzenhausen.
  3. Discuss suggestions for your Ph.D. commission with your supervisor. The Ph.D. commission consists of two reviewers and two examiners. Your supervisor must then submit the suggestions to the Ph.D. board. Only after approval by the Ph.D. board and the dean, the main doctoral procedure be launched.
  4. Your dissertation will be assessed by at least 2 reviewers (deadline 10 weeks after receipt of the documents for evaluation).
  5. The dissertation and the reviews will be on display at the doctorate office in Kassel and the dean's office at the faculty, in the Steinstraße. The period of the display is 14 calendar days.
  6. Your dissertation will be accepted or rejected by the Ph.D. board.
  7. You will be required to defend your dissertation in front of the members of the Ph.D. commission (within 8 weeks after acceptance of the dissertation).
  8. Before publishing your dissertation, you must obtain print approval from the dean (sent by Mrs. Hupfeld).
  9. Ph.D. graduation is completed when the Ph.D. certificate is handed out. IMPORTANT: Before commencing with the publication, contact the doctorate office in Kassel if you require an apostille or legalization of your certificate.