Research project

„Agrarsysteme der Zukunft: GreenGrass – Innovative use of grassland for a sustainable intensification of agriculture at landscape scale“

  • Consumer acceptance and marketing of products from innovative pasture systems

Research focus

Video as a marketing tool towards the transformation to a sustainable food system


Support of the courses Marketing Research and Agricultural Market Theory

Short portrait

  • Since 11/2021: Research assistant at the Department of Agricultural and Food Marketing at the University of Kassel
  • 10/2019 – 11/2021: M.Sc. Sustainable International Agriculture at the University of Göttingen, Thesis: „Fruits and vegetables in the Food Environment of households in Turkana, Kenya: An analysis with the Produce Color Diversity tool” in cooperation with Bioversity International, Kenya
  • 11/2020 – 08/2021: Student assistant at the Chair of Environmental and Resource Economics at the University of Göttingen, Research Center 990: Ecological and Socioeconomic Functions of Tropical Lowland Rainforest Transformation Systems (Sumatra, Indonesia)
  • 09/2015 – 11/2018: B.Sc. Agricultural Science at the University of Bonn, Thesis: „Marketing opportunities for milk from mother-bound rearing systems”
  • Internships at farms in Germany and UK as well as in the sector of agricultural extension at Bioland e.V., Visselhövede


  • German
  • English