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M.Sc. Antonia Deutscher

Postgraduate researcher (Doctoral Candidate)

Universität Kassel
FB11 Ökologische Agararwissenschaften
Fachgebiet Grünlandwissenschaft und Nachwachsende Rohstoffe
Steinstraße 19
37212 Witzenhausen
Hörsaalgebäude Steinstraße, 2024

Brief Introduction  (M.Sc. Antonia Deutscher)

Antonia Deutscher is a research assistant in the Department of Grassland Sciences and Renewable Plant Resources at the University of Kassel. Her research interest is the processing of residual biomass for the production of biomaterials and accessible energy. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Forest Sciences and her Master in Forest and Ecosystem Sciences with a focus on ecosystem modeling at the Georg-August University of Göttingen. In her thesis she worked on the development of a landscape simulator. She is currently part of the BMBF junior research group Bio4Act, one of whose aims is to produce activated carbon and platform chemicals from residual biomass for a sustainable circular economy. Her research focuses on the processing of residual biomass for further energy use, in particular for the production of activated carbon.

Research interests  (M.Sc. Antonia Deutscher)

  • Thermochemical conversion of biomass
  • Production and application of activated carbon
  • Potential renewable feedstocks
  • Ecosystem modeling

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