Muluken Elias Adamseged

Doctoral research study

"Climate Change Adaptation, Institutions and Livelihood Dynamics in Rural Ethiopia"

Climate change is suspected to affect the livelihoods of rural households, especially through increased likelihoods of extended droughts, and unpredictable rainfall variability. Its impact is much more exacerbated on those households who predominantly depend on rain-fed agriculture for their livelihoods. Researches that have been undertaken to understand climate change adaptation from the perspective of institutions and livelihoods is little. In his research, he focuses on the responses of rural households, with specific focus on Ethiopia, to climate change using a panel data set. This investigates the change in the livelihoods and livelihoods strategies of households over the years due to the change in climate. It also investigates how local level institutions and socio-economic characteristics of rural household’s affect the livelihoods and livelihood strategies of rural households.