Brief introduction

Md. Shafikur Rahman has completed a mobility MSc degree in "International Master in Horticultural Science” from three exchange universities in Europe, nameley University of Bologna, Italy; Technical University of Munich, Germany; University of Natural Resources and Life Science, Vienna, Austria, funded by the Erasmusmundus scholarship program, where he wrote his thesis about “Characterization of Malonyltransferase of Arabidopsis thaliana”. Prior to obtaining this international master degree, he completed his first master degree in Genetics and Plant Breeding from Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Bangladesh, where his thesis research was on “Morphomolecular Genetic Study of Some Groundnut Genotypes with Microsatellite Marker”. Research methodology was the major in this MSc program. So, he acquired skills in population genetics and statistical modeling during this program. He completed his bachelor degree at BAU as well. In addition, he was also involved in some research projects where his major responsibility was to utilize molecular techniques related to DNA fingerprinting and morphological characterization of 21 crop species of Bangladesh. Currently, he is working as a full time PhD research student in the section, where his major research concerns are the comparative genomic study of drought tolerance traits in lentils with Medicago truncatula genome.