Research areas

The question of the department is how the quality of food and a healthy diet can be connected with organic production, processing and trade. This question will be examined in an interdisciplinary manner and with a network of partners in three different areas of work:


Image: Johannes Kahl
Three research areas

1. System:

Organic Food Systems

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2. Quality

Organic Food Quality

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3. Matrix:

The Role of the Food Matrix

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Research Questions

1. Which structures of organic food systems (global, national, local) support sustainable processes and actions?

2. Which factors influence transformation processes of food systems?

3. Which tools, indicators and parameters are suitable for assessing and monitoring the sustainability of food systems?

4. What are the perceptions by stakeholders of food and its qualities?

5. How do different nutritional patterns affect the dimensions of sustainability?

6. How can sustainability goals and criteria be integrated into action recommendations?

1. Which processes and technologies are suitable for gentle processing of food?

2. How can diversity be transferred from “field to fork”?

3. What  type of food processing and preparation supports the transformation of the "terroir" from field to fork?

4. Which indicators and parameters reflect a holistic process- and product based quality assessment of food?

1. Which matrix-based analytical methods can be developed for food quality analysis?

2. How can chemical / physical, complex and non-linear, inorganic systems be developed as in vitro models?

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