Irrigation pipe cleaning procedure

B. Braun Melsungen AG supports the Otto Braun Fund of the University of Kassel and thus facilitates the postdoc-UNIKAT fellowship. This fellowship gives Andrea Dührkoop the opportunity to carry out applied research and development based on her own research results for the development of novel applications.

In her dissertation she dealt with the constructive and functional development of an auto-regulative subsurface irrigation system. Porous hoses installed underground supply the soil with water as required. If the soil is dry, the hose releases water. If the soil becomes moist, the water release is also reduced. Careful attention must be paid to the water quality of the irrigation water during operation, as the subsurface irrigation system reacts to water contamination with flow reduction, which has a negative impact on plant development.

The task of further research must therefore be to develop technical processes that maintain the long-term efficiency of the irrigation system.


With the help of the Postdoc-UNIKAT fellowship, a suitable maintenance and refurbishment technique can be analysed, tested and developed for real application.

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Otto-Braun-Fond der Universität Kassel