Media reports 2010

Ecosystems research: Oases of Oman

The results of the DFG Research Group 'Transformation processes in oasis settlements of Oman' were released to the public on site by local newspapers, presentations, and publications:

Gulfnews 26.05.2010

Oman Tribune 10.01.2010

Times of Oman 10.01.2010

Illustrated book

"Mountain Oases of Oman"
Buerkert, A. & E. Schlecht (eds.) 2010. Oases of Oman: Millenia old livelihood systems at the crossroads. Second expanded edition, Al Roya Press & Publishing House, Muscat, Oman. 145 p. ISBN: 978-9948-15-510-2.
Published in English and Arabian language


From the work of the DFG-funded project package:
Transformation processes in oasis settlements of Oman

(1999 - 2007)