Media reports 2013

Ecosystems research: Madagaskar

The collaborative research project SuLaMa, in which Dr. Katja Brinkmann runs a subproject, was portraied in a reportage by Corinna Wirth in the series arte-Doku (in German):

Auf Expeditionsreise nach Madagaskar - Ökosystem in Not

Friday, 01.11.2013, 19:30 (43 Min.)
Replay Saturday, 02.11.2013, 16:00
Replay Friday, 15.11.2013, 7:45

Research on land use: Aerial photographs

Aerial photographs, taken by remotely controlled aircrafts, are an important tool to analyse land use patterns and thus a methodological basis in many research projects of the work group OPATS. Such a use of drones, however, is not at all related to military research, as explained in an article of ZEIT ONLINE (in German), which dealt with military research at German universities:

Screenshot von Schlagzeile und Textauszug des Artikels