Completed research projects


Urban Food - Africa/Asia

Research Network Projects targeting Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture in Sub-Sahara Africa and Asia. >>> Details
Sub-project: Challenges and Opportunities for Nutrient Efficient Agriculture in West African Cities (
Mali, Burkina Faso and Nigeria).
Volkswagen-Foundation (2007-2013), Prof. Dr. A. Bürkert

Peri-urban agricultural systems - Niger

Nutrient flows and production efficiencies in urban and peri-urban agriculture in a West African city.  >>> Details (in German)
DFG (2006-2009), Dr. M. Predotova, Dr. R. Diogo

Peri-urban agricultural systems - Sudan

Nutrient flows and resource use efficiencies in urban and peri-urbanagriculture in the capital Khartoum, Sudan.   >>> Details
Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung (2006-2009),
Sahar Abdalla / Ishtiag Abdalla / Moiez Fadul

Urban agriculture - Afghanistan

Nutrient cycling and nutrient use efficiency in urban agriculture of Kabul, Afghanistan 
>>> Details
(2008-2011), Zirkrullah Safi

Peri-urban crops - Pakistan

Nutrient fluxes and production efficiency in urban and periurban crops of Faisalabad, Pakistan.
>>> Details

Pakistan (2009-2012), Shoaib Ur Rehman

Produce certification - Indien

Produce certification to strengthen consumers' health interests and farmers' income from urban vegetable production in Mumbai, India    >>> Details
ICDD PhD scholarship (2011-2013), Prem Jose Vazhacharickal


Watercope - China/Mongolei

Supporting national research capacity and policy development to cope with dwindling water resources and intensifying land use in the transborder Altay-Dzungarian region of Mongolia
and China. >>> Details
IFAD (2012-2017), Dr. Sven Gönster

SuLaMa - Madagaskar

Partizipative Forschung für nachhaltiges Landmanagement auf dem Mahafaly Plateau
in Südwest-Madagaskar
Teilvorhaben: Verbesserung der Bodenfruchtbarkeit >>> Details
BMBF (2011-2015), Dr. Katja Brinkmann

Musa Schaderreger - Deutschland

Musa-Schaderreger-Interaktionen - Phenylphenalenone in Bananen >>> Details
DFG (2009-2012), Dr. Dirk Hölscher 

Dates production - Pakistan

Diversity and Nutritional Variation in Pakistani Dates: Implications for Sustainable Value Chain and Decent Living Perspectives of Rural Households.   >>> Details
ICDD PhD scholarship (2012-2015), Fatima Ghayoor
Project leader: Prof. Dr. A. Bürkert, Prof. Dr. Iqrar A. Khan

Millet production - Niger

Tackling abiotic production constraints in pearl millet and sorghum-based agricultural systems
of the West African Sahel.  >>> Details
BMZ/ICRISAT (2010-2014), Francesca Beggi

Banana cultivation - Oman

Effects of manure application on yield and quality attributes of banana in Oman.  
>>> Details

Omani government (2010-2013), Khair Tuwair Said Al Busaidi

Jubraka agroforestry systems - Sudan

Effects of transformation processes in 'jubraka' agroforestry systems of the Nuba Mountains, Sudan, on plant diversity and nutrient fluxes.   >>> Details
DFG (2009-2012), Sven Gönster & Martin Wiehle

Coltan environmental management - Rwanda

Sustainable restitution/recultivation of artisanal tantalum mining wasteland in Central Africa
>>> Details

Volkswagen-Stiftung (2010-2013), Dr. Rodrigue Diogo
DAAD (2011-2014), Dora Neina

Environmental Protection - Yemen

Traditional land use and reconsideration of environmental zoning in the Hawf Protected Area, south-eastern Yemen    >>> Details
UNDP, Diana Quiroz

Landuse at Lake Inle - Myanmar

Landuse changes around Lake Inle >>> Details
DAAD (2011-2014), Thin Nwe Htwe

Conservation tillage - Mexico

Nutrient Cycling in wheat under different fertilizer and tillage regimes >>> Details
DAAD/CIMMYT (2011-2014), Kathrin Grahmann

RTG 1397: Regulation of soil organic matter and nutrient turnover in agriculture

Soil quality management - Oman

Teilvorhaben: Gaseous and leachate losses of C and N from fertilized and irrigated soils of a subtropical coastal oasis   >>> GRAKO1397

(1. Phase 2006-2010), Konrad Siegfried & Mohammed al Rawahi
(2. Phase 2009-2012) Mariko Ingold & Melanie Willich

Projectes prior to 2008

Salt tolerance of underutilized fruit trees in Sudan.

Evaluation of salt tolerance potential of Ziziphus spina-christi (L.) Desf. and Grewia tenax (Forsk.) Fiori.    

Shifting cultivation and forest resources in Nagaland, N.-E. India.

Leguminous roation effects on yield increase of cereals on West African soils.

DFG research group on the transformation processes of oasis settlements. "Oases of Oman" >>> Details
Matter and nutrient flows in oases of Oman.
(Nagieb, Siebert, Buerkert)

Assessing constraints to environmental protection in SE Arabia 
(Quiroz, Zaballos)

Green gram rotations effects on maize growth and yield in Myanmar 
(Kywe, Bürkert)

Effects of soil fertility management on yield and nutrient availability of rice in Myanmar.
(Thein, Buerkert)

Mechanisms of drought tolerance in different genotypes of pearl milet. 

Impact of water stress on different drought tolerant genotypes of barley. (Golombek)