B.Sc./M.Sc. Organic Agriculture

The objectives of the study programs in organic agricultural sciences are the acquisition of scientific knowledge, methodical competence and professional qualifications. The ability for communicate and interact, interdisciplinary thinking and the readiness for life-long learning are promoted across all topics of the curriculum.

In the Bachelor's Program (B.Sc. OA) the major objective is to investigate aspects of organic agriculture and rural development in a practical and scientific sound way. Further the students shall obtain competences and soft skills to prepare them for manifold employment opportunities.

OPATS contributions:

B.Sc. OA:
G10 - Nutzpflanzenkunde II (Teil Ertragsphysiologie)
G11b - Ecological Landuse Systems in the (Sub)Tropics

H30 - Crop Husbandry and Technology
H50 - Labormethoden zur qualitativen Analyse von Boden-, Pflanzen- und Dungproben
H48 - Livestock and Crops in (Sub)Tropical Systems

The prime training objective in the Masters' Program (M.Sc. OA) is the in depth acquaintance with organic agriculture and sustainable rural development in moderate climates. The knowledge of interdisciplinary relations and scientific methods and the ability to evaluate, classify and apply the acquired knowledge are central to the studies.

OPATS contributions:

M.Sc. OA: 

P01 - Ecology and Agroecosystems
P05 - Organic Cropping Systems under Temperate and (Sub)Tropical Conditions
P13 - Agrobiodiversity and Plant Genetic Resources in the Tropics

M.Sc. Sustainable International Agriculture (SIA)

The M.Sc. Sustainable International Agriculture (SIA) is a joint venture of two German Universities: the University of Kassel in Witzenhausen (Organic Agricultural Sciences) and the University of Göttingen (Agricultural Sciences). The SIA study program contributes to the sustainable production of agricultural commodities and food security at specific locations and in an international context. All SIA modules are taught in English. The study programme is internationally oriented and offers three possibilities for specialization.

OPATS Contributions:

P01 -  Ecology and Agroecosystems
I02 - Management of (Sub)Tropical Landuse Systems (Prague Excursion) -
         (EVEN Years: 2010, 2012, 2014, ...)
- International Landuse Systems Research (International Excursion) -
         (ODD Years: 2011, 2013, 2015, ...)

I12 - Sustainable International Agriculture
P05 - Organic Cropping Systems under Temperate and (Sub)Tropical Conditions
P07 - Soil and Plant Sciences
P13 - Agrobiodiversity and Plant Genetic Resources in the Tropics

International excursion

I07 -  International Landuse Systems Research
Prof. Dr. A. Bürkert & Prof. Dr. E. Schlecht
in cooperation with Dr. C. Hülsebusch, DITSL

WS 2019: India            >>> Excursion report

WS 2017: Costa Rica    >>> Excursion report

WS 2015: Myanmar      >>> Excursion report

WS 2013: Thailand       >>> Excursion report

WS 2011: Kenia            >>> Excursion report

WS 2009: Mexiko          >>> Excursion report

WS 2007: Oman            >>> Excursion report