Scientific theses

  1. The Section International Agricultural Policy and Environmental Governance is happy to work on your Master or Bachelor Dissertation with you, respectively develop your student project together with you. Your topic proposals are welcome.
    Our content, theoretical and methodological orientation can be found here.
    Additionally, from our experience and ongoing research projects we derived a set of topics. People interested can find updated details on these topics on the notice board of the section in front of offices 1118-1120 in the former monastery building, first floor. Please, get in touch if you were interested in further details.
  2. If you were interested in particular projects or PhD these that currently develop in the section, please, do not hesitate to contact the corresponding member of staff or the head of section.

Currently proposed topics cover the following areas:

  • Comparative research on the determinants and performance of organic farming and natural resource (water, biodiversity, pastures) management regimes
  • Governance and control schemes and policy development in the fields of Organic Farming and Animal Welfare in Germany, Europe and beyond
  • Food governance and regulation of the food production and retailing sectors
  • Water and agricultural governance in Germany and on the Iberian peninsula and in the MENA region (Middle East and Northern Africa)
  • Agriculture and drainage management in Uzbekistan
  • Innovation and new organisational / governance regimes in the food system and their determinants and performance, e.g. community-based agriculture
  • Organic farming regions in Germany and the EU
  • Environmental Policy Integration and agricultural policy, research on the water nexus
  • Bewässerungslandwirtschaft in Äthiopien und Ostafrika

Master theses post

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