Developing winter pea prototypes (Pisum sativum L.) for intercropping under conditions of organic farming

The research project aims to increase the significance and acreage of peas (Pisum sativum L. ) by expanding the range of available winter pea cultivars. By selection of preferably winter hardy, semi-leafless, white or purple colour of flower, stable and determined growth types, yield stability of winter peas under conditions of organic farming shall be increased.. The contribution of the University of Kassel comprises randomized factorial field trials in order to assess the following parameters as affected by the examined genotypes: Field emergence, winter hardiness, susceptibility to lodging, plant length, weed suppression, date of lowering and maturation, tolerance to pests and diseases, as well as yield and quality parameters. On the research farm, Hessian State Estate Frankenhausen, winter pea genotypes will be examined in pure stands and intercropped with rape seed, turnip and triticale. The project is carried out in cooperation with Getreidezüchtungsforschung Darzau (Dr. Karl-Josef Müller). Selected genotypes will be examined on two more locations in order to ensure the obtained results. After each experimental season the most suitable genotypes will be commonly selected according to characteristics mentioned above. After the third year, crude protein and trypsin inhibitory activity of the selected genotypes will be analyzed, in order to assess their suitability for feed.

At the end of the project, selected prototypes shall be presented, and - if possible - recommended for registration with the Federal Plant Variety Office. For future winter pea breeding a suitable phenotype allowing successful mixed or intercropping with different partner species will be defined. Promising genotypes from younger breeding material in the F6 generation will be available fort he development of further prototypes.

Participants at FOEL

  • Thorsten Haase
  • Anke Mindermann


1. September 2010 till 31. December 2013

Sponsored by

Federal Agency within the scope of Federal Scheme Organic Agriculture and Other Forms of Sustainable Agriculture (register number: 2809OE078)


  • Getreidezüchtungforschung Darzau
    (Dr. Karl-Josef Müller, MSc Ulrich Quendt)
  • Institut für Ökologischen Landbau am Julius-Kühn-Institut, Trenthorst
    (Dr. Herwart Böhm)
  • Naturland Verband
    (Werner Vogt-Kaute)