e-learning: hints for students

Online modules / Distance learning have a very different character to classroom teaching and require you to spend some time searching for information, reading and evaluating this information and sharing it with your teacher and fellow students. In order to facilitate the course of the module, the following tips are useful:

  • Make sure that your microphone and camera on your computer are working properly before the start of the semester and that you have a stable internet connection at your workplace for internet research and video conferences.
  • Register for the course at least twice a week to receive  messages and participate in discussion topics.
  • Each course starts on a specific date. You should start the respective module on this date at the latest. The days of the week and times in the timetable should be used preferentially for the module indicated, especially for interactive parts, otherwise, there may be overlaps with other modules.
  • Participate as much as possible in "classroom discussions" and other interactions.
  • Keep up to date with reading assignments and do not wait until you fall behind.
  • Submit ALL required papers on time and remember to work in advance if you are traveling to remote areas with low internet connection.
  • Do not use offensive terminology (sexist, racial or ethnic slurs).

If you communicate exclusively online, please use pleasant communication such as

  •  Act professional and carefully with your online interaction
  • Review your posts and reply appropriately and on the subject
  • Focus on one topic per message and use appropriate subject lines
  • It's all right to use humour, but use it carefully. The lack of face-to-face references can lead to humour being misinterpreted as criticism or satire