Practical and scientific based Teaching and Learning

Research & Education in Organic Agriculture:

In 1981 the University of Kassel  was the first German University to establish a professorship for Organic Agriculture, which shows its long lasting commitment and tradition in this area. Today, the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences offers a consecutive Bachelor- and Master program in Organic Agriculture (German Program " BSc. / MSc. Ökologische Landwirtschaft") and a "Dual Education Program" for combined vocational and higher agricultural education.

Three Master of Science Programs in English language:
Aditionally to the German study programs we offer three international master programs in English language:

Bachelor and Master Programmes

6 Semester Bachelor Programme

Ökologische Landwirtschaft

  • Basics of organic agricultural sciences
  • Individual specialisation through Electives
  • interdisciplinary projects
  • four months practice on the job
  • Bachelor thesis
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Master programmes of 4 semesters

Ökologische Landwirtschaft

  • in German language
  • european perspective
  • Organic farming and sustainable regional development

Sustainable International Agriculture

  • in English language
  • global perspective
  • covering temperate and tropical climate

International Food Business and Consumer Studies

  • in English language
  • food chain perspective
  • food quality, nutrition and marketing aspects

Sustainable Food Systems

  • in English language
  • Joint study programme with the universities of Lyon (F), Gent (B), Arhus (DK), Fulda (D) and Cluj(RO).
Degree: Master of Science