Evans is an agricultural economist with a research focus on sustainable management of agri-food supply chains and production networks. He was awarded a PhD (Dr. agr.) from the University of Kassel, Germany in April 2021 for a dissertation on “Governance for Decent Work in Agricultural Globalisation”. He holds a master’s degree in Sustainable International Agriculture (with specialisation in International Agribusiness and Rural Development Economics) from the University of Göttingen and Kassel, Germany. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

As a PhD student and a teaching assistant (between October 2016 and March 2021), Evans taught on a management course called “Responsible and Sustainable Food Business in Global Contexts” for a number of master study programmes, including Sustainable International Agriculture (M.Sc.), Sustainable Food Systems (M.Sc.), International Food Business and Consumer Studies (M.Sc.), Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften (M.Sc.) and Ökologische Landwirtschaft (M.Sc.).

Since June 2021, he has been a postdoctoral researcher and a lecturer at the Section for Management in the International Food Industry.

He is also the director of research at Centre for Better Society and Advocacy Research Africa, CEBSAR-AFRICA (a non-profit organisation that believes in a better society for all in Ghana and Africa beyond) and the host of the online weekly event, CEBSAR TALK on Facebook and YouTube.


  • Governance and Upgrading of Supply Chains and Production Networks in Agriculture and the Food Industry
  • Decent Work in Agricultural Value Chains
  • Sustainable Mining, Water and Agriculture


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Prä­sen­ta­tio­nen auf Kon­fe­ren­zen und Work­shops

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