Thuy Thanh Tran

Doktorandin, Lehrassistentin, E-learning Projekt Koordinatorin

Steinstr. 19
37213 Witzenhausen
Kloster, 2123

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  • Material Flow Cost Accounting
  • Environmental Management Accounting
  • Sustainability Accounting Education
  • Accounting for Planetary Boundaries
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Lehr- und Men­to­rin­ger­fah­rung

Thuy Tran has a wealth of experience in teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has taught the master module “Management and Management Accounting” over three years at the University of Kassel. With the philosophy of student-centered teaching, she has received positive assessments from a range of students with diverse backgrounds. Additionally, she was a lecturer teaching “Accounting Information Systems” over eight years at the undergraduate level.

Thuy Tran continuously updates and innovates in her teaching strategies such as adopting the case study and blended teaching methods. She has an outstanding ability to apply modern technologies in online teaching such as Kahoot, Powtoon, Moodle, Miro, Mentimeter, and Zoom. Besides, she has been a professional mentor for international master students in the “Work and Study” program of the University of Kassel. In the past, she was a board member of the Vietnamese for Excellent Teaching and worked as an accounting expert for global groups.

Lau­fen­de Pro­jek­te

Material Flow Cost Accounting and the Multi-level Perspective: Evidence from Vietnam
(Researchers: Thuy Thanh Tran, Christian Herzig, Roger Burritt, Katherine Christ).

Sustainability Accounting Education in a Blended Course
(Researchers: Thuy Thanh Tran, Christian Herzig).

E-learning Project: “Creating and Using Podcasts and Videos in a Bridging Module”, funded by the Central Teaching Funding (Zentrale Lehrförderung - ZLF), University of Kassel, Germany
(Members: Thuy Thanh Tran (Coordinator), Christian Herzig, Arif Ishtiaq, Beste Kasimoglu, Svenja Mielke).


Tran, T.T., Herzig, C. (2021): Improving Decision-Making through Material Flow Cost Accounting: The Case of VietGreen Bottled Mineral Water Company, International Food and Agribusiness Management Review,

Gibassier, D., Keddie, L., Sobkowiak, M., Tran, T.T., Kruse, V. (2021): Quel nouveau cadre comptable pour répondre aux défis environnementaux ? The Conversation,

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Tran, T.T., Herzig, C. (2022): Blended case-based learning in a sustainability accounting course: An analysis of student perspectives, BAFA Northern Area Group Annual Conference, 13-14 January 2022 (

Tran, T.T., Herzig, C. (2021): Sustainability Accounting Education in a Blended Course: An Analysis of Experiential Learning, Global EMAN/CSEAR Conference 2021 (Online), University of Nantes and Audencia, May 2021 (

Tran, T.T., Herzig, C. (2021): The Effectiveness of Using a Kahoot Game in Creating a Playful Learning Environment: Evidence from a Blended Course, Games and Simulations in Accounting and Finance Education Conference (Online), Aston Business School, April 2021 (

Tran, T.T., Herzig, C. (2020): Improving Decision-Making through Material Flow Cost Accounting: The Case of VietGreen Bottled Mineral Water Company, Teaching Case Study, International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA), accepted for presentation, Rotterdam, Netherlands, June 2020 & invited to a showcase presentation held as part of IFAMA’s virtual Teaching Case Workshop in December 2020 during the Corona pandemic (


European Accounting Association

British Accounting and Finance Association


Best Teaching Case Study, IFAMA Conference 2020

Mentee of Mentoring DIVERS Progam 2019-2020, University of Kassel