Research Projects


  1. Migration, Remittances in Asia
    Contact: Agnes Pohle,
  2. The international migration in the Malaca Strait: case study of Indonesian legal and illegal workers' migration to Malaysia. Contact: Robert Sibarani,
  3. Impact of migration,remittances and skill transfer on migrants' families and regional fevelopment: A case study in Nepal. Contact: Ranjita Nepal,
  4. Effects of Desertification on Labour Productivity and Migratory Flows in Chiapas, Mexico
    Contact: David Eche,
  5. Returning Migrants and Decent Work  in Rural China
    Contact: Xi Zhao,
  6. International return migrants in rural areas of Pakistan
    Contact: Sabah Saleem,

Rural Development

  1. Agricultural Market Orientation, Intensification and Food Security in Banana & Legume Systems in Central Africa.
    Contact: Justus Ochieng,
  2. Conflicts between food security strategies and depletion of water resources
    Contact: Sudeh Dehnavi,
  3. Economic Assessment of  Wunbaike  Mangrove Forest in Yanbye Township  At Rakhine State, Myanmar
    Contact: Cho Cho San,


  1. International students and their career perspectives in Germany.
    Contact Rebecca Tlatlik,
  2. Education and labour market participation of women in Pakistan
    Contact: Sadaf Mahmood,
  3. Economic inclusion of the Chinese diaspora - from the perspective of human capital, social capital, and social inclusion.
    Contact: Xi Zhao,