EU Project Green Food Industries

European Project: Green Food Industries
Together with 5 European Universities the Department of Organic Food Quality and Food Culture is developing a new Master programme aiming at sustainability in the food industry

Funding: with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union

Final Degree: Master of Science (Joint Degree)

Duration of Study: 2 years (3 academic semesters, 1 semester master thesis)

Program Start: 2015

Language of Instruction: English

Specifics: Students are able to choose 3 out of 6 universities in 5 different countries to study (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and Romania) and additionally pick different e-learning courses location-independently.  These e-learning courses are also available for employees for further education.

Admission Requirements: Students should hold a Bachelor of Science degree (food-related background such as Food Science, Food Technology, Nutrition, Food Policy and others) or an equivalent diploma

Start of the Program: Winter semester 2015

What is Green Food Industries?

In Europe, food industry is the largest manufacturing sector and the largest industrial employer. The integration of sustainable development in food production is the main challenge being faced by the food sector in this century.  Master Programme of Green Food Industries is a program that enables its students to take on responsible tasks in national and international enterprises in the food industry.  In particular, the program enables highly skilled production managers to integrate sustainability into their activities by taking into account the increasing constraints related to food safety, food quality and processing. As well, it helps students to generate conversations of environmental and corporate social responsibilities thank to their helicopter view on the whole food production chain from farm to fork. Green Food Industries will have a strong focus on acquisition of languages and intercultural skills. Graduates will be able to work in an international and intercultural work field.

Job Perspectives:

Managing positions in production-related activities like: production managers, industrial directors, industrial plant managers, quality and safety managers, project managers in sustainable development industrial products and processes


Joint Universities of Master Programme of Green Food Industries:

ISARA Lyon, France

University of Kassel, Germany

University of Applied Sciences Fulda, Germany

Aarhus University, Denmark

University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Romania

Ghent University, Belgium


More details coming soon