Module "Responsible and Sustainable Food Business in Global Contexts (International Management)"

MSc International Food Business and Consumer Studies
MSc Sustainable International Agriculture


  • The process of globalisation and its impact on the agri-food sector;
  • Corporate social responsibility, governance and accountability;
  • The role of transparency of products and markets in the context of an increasingly globalised world;
  • International developments in and governance of environmental and social reporting;
  • The management of global value chains in the agri-food sector;
  • Social and environmental responsibility in supply chain management;
  • The management and reporting of environmental and social information in complex organisational settings (such as multinational food businesses);
  • The contrasting perspectives in social responsibility and accountability of business across borders.

Learning goals

The module aims are:

  • To deepen the students’ understanding of the role of food business in society and the social responsibility and accountability issues that arise in a global business setting;
  • To familiarise students with the concepts and frameworks used in responsible and sustainable food business, the development of business principles for responsible food businesses, to meet stakeholders’ interests;
  • To provide students with the knowledge and confidence to critically reflect corporate practice;
  • To raise awareness for different perspectives which provide contrasting and competing ways of making sense of responsible food business practices.

Learning methods

Lectures and short lectures combined with facilitated group discussion; seminars include problem-based learning elements such as case studies.

Contact hours

Lectures 30 hours and seminar 30 hours

Method of assessment

Written report in the form of a “learning journal” (60% of the overall assessment); oral examination (40%)

Further information

Please see examination regulations (e.g. breakdown of student learning hours) and moodle (e.g. timetable slot, location)