hlhöpä#äü Rami Al Sidawi



Mr Rami Al Sidawi is a PhD candidate at the Section on Specialized Partnerships in Sustainable Food Systems and Food Sovereignty, Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences,  University of Kassel, Germany.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Angelika Ploeger.

In 2017, he completed his master degree in sustainable food systems and rural development under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Angelika Ploeger at the University of Kassel, Germany. He holds a BSc. in Agriculture Engineering from the University of Damascus, Syria. Rami Al Sidawi has worked as a professional in Agriculture Services – Landscaping Design, Irrigation systems, Agriculture products.
In 2013 Mr Al Sidawi was an intern in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.
In 2016-2017 he worked as a project coordinator of the organizational commit and the preparation of the Witzenhausen Charter in the Model UN Lecture Series – University of Kassel – Witzenhausen. Theme: “Sustainable Development, Food Security and Humanitarian Assistance. In 2018-2019 Mr Al Sidawi was the project supervisor of the Model United Nation (UN Lecture Series), UNLEASH Mini Workshop. Theme: “Challenges and possibilities for Sustainable Development Goals: Food security, human development and natural resource management”.
In 2017 Rami Al Sidawi participated in the Postgraduate Certificate Course of the United Nation Graduate Study Program, United Nation Office, Geneva, Switzerland. He was awarded the SHOSTA Scholarship for his field research in Georgia.
In November 2019 he worked as a Facilitator in UNLEASH - Innovation lab for SDGs in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
Since Jan. 2020  he is working as a  Managing editor for Future of Food: Journal on Food, Agriculture and Society.
Mr. Al Sidawi is working on his PhD- thesis since February 2018 within the Doctoral Program for Sustainable Agricultural and Food Systems (SAFS) together with the Agricultural University in Tbilisi Georgia and University of Kassel, Germany. The title of his PhD is: "Marketing Dynamic in Dairy Products Value Chain for maintaining quality and safety in Georgia".



2018 Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Hesse Ministry of Education award: for the project of Model-UN Continuing Lecture Sessions on Sustainable Development, Food Security and Humanitarian Crises, University of Kassel, Germany (Project Coordinator). https://www.ringvorlesung-witzenhausen.de/

2018: UNLEASH 2018 Golden Award Price for the Climate Action Innovative Solution in Singapore

2009: University Gold Medal for Agriculture Science for the best performance of the sub-ject, awarded by the University of Damascus, Syr


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