Mas­ter In­ter­na­tio­nal Food Busi­ness and Con­su­mer Stu­dies

Co­ope­ra­ti­ve Post­gra­dua­te Pro­gram­me

The MSc International Food Business and Consumer Studies is a joint degree programme of two German Universities: The University of Kassel, Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences in Witzenhausen and the Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences in Fulda.


The politics of food in society, involving manufacturers, retailers, consumers and health professionals, are complex and continually evolving. This programme enables its students to take on responsible tasks in national and international enterprises in the food business, as well as in food certification organisations. In particular, they are qualified to manage complex processes in enterprises in food industries and food trade as well as farms to develop and market food products and related services according to the needs of different consumer groups. The graduates, with their flexibility of thinking and wide range of knowledge and skills, are proving increasingly attractive to employers. Graduates are qualified for further postgraduate studies, esp. PhD programmes.