Tips for successful studying

It´s important that you understand basic theories, so that you will be flexible enough to apply your knowledge successfully to different tasks and engineering applications. Everybody is a different type of learner, so we just want to give you some suggestions on how to optimally prepare during the semester and prior to each exam, so you can reach your goals.


Preparation during the semester

  • take part in every lecture and exercise
  • after each lecture/exercise write down your newly gained knowledge; this also includes the homework
  • review your documents before the next lecture/exercise 
  • take advantage of proposed learning control, to check learning progress


Preparation between the semester and exams

  • go over every lecture, exercise, tutorial and homework task
  • solve all the available exam questions
  • try to create your own tasks and solve them
  • exchange your ideas with your fellow students


Important for the exam

  • be relaxed and well rested on the exam day
  • take your seat 15 minutes before the beginning
  • prepare your exam papers with name and matriculation number for examination
  • do not look at your fellow students during exam
  • read Part I/II of the exam carefully
  • write useful and short answers
  • ignore derivations, use only their results 
  • create accurate drawings of the system and pay attention to node numbers
  • number your pages and tasks to make sure your exam is easy to follow
  • if your concentration decreases go to the next step
  • before the exam ends, re-read the tasks you haven’t yet answered - keep in mind that every answer is worth trying