profile of Isaac Newton

PATE - Permanent Assisted Teaching in Engineering

The project PATE intends mainly to support students in the first term to study continuously. Therefore the main task is to motivate the lesser talented students not to get frustrated rashly despite of the highly demanding imparting of knowledge but to work on themselves and their level of education steadily.

As PATE historical figures are taken, who are portrayed throughout curricula vitae, where the education and the academic career is presented.
Moreover their achievements for humanity, for mechanics in general and for the lecture Mechanics I as a special case are listed. In this way the mechanical laws are linked with a face and the curriculum vitae to promote on the one hand general knowledge and on the other hand to bring life to the sober formulae through the PATE project.
Furthermore the PATE is supposed to be part of the virtual laboratory of mechanics, the complete eLearning offer and the lecture notes. To promote a permanent learning together with PATE, Chapter- Checks on moodle are going to be created, where the historical figures serve as presenters and check the technical knowledge of the accompanying chapter. Hence, the motivation for learning is enhanced and the pleasure of knowledge gaining is achieved.


Comic Method of Sections

Comic - Mechaela & Mechael on the traces of Sir Isaac Newton

The target is to reduce the students's inhibitions to learn and thus to enhance their mental capacity and to promote the lastingness of learning processes.

In the context of this project a comic Mechaela & Mechael on the traces of Sir Isaac Newton was created with the help of a technical research assistant and with the artistic advices as well as the creative realization of Lukas Kummer, student of the art college. This comic presents the contents of mechanics, which are in general considered as difficult, graphically in a popular medium of the target group.

But the comic has not the aim to entertain, but to illustrate mechanical facts in a sympathetic and challenging way with especially therefore created pictures. With regard to content, the quality of the comic corresponds with that of the mechanics lecture at a German university.

The demands on the students not to be reduced, but it should be given to the students the joy of lasting knowledge gain. This pleasure and the faith in their own intellectual capacities will enable the students in a heterogeneous learning environment to access learning concepts and academic education.


Virtual laboratory of mechanics - Development of a teaching software, which is independent of operating systems to realize virtual experiments in connection with the bending beam

This contribution to the project competition eLearning is part of the institute's mechanical teaching concept , which consists mainly of the real and the virtual laboratory of mechanics. On the basis of the classical teaching sessions (lectures, exercises, tutorials) it was worked on the development of the real and the virtual laboratory of mechanics, whose aim it is to make a conceivable and playful learning possible.

The virtual laboratory of mechanics allows experiments to be simply modified and therefore studies can be realized. This should promote the students' curiosity and the pleasure to  make contributions to the exploration of mechanics. All in all a better learning due to an enhanced motivation, the students' commitment  through virtual experiments and a comprehensible visual processing should be achieved.