I.DEAR Exchange Program with Argentina

Here you can find all informations concerning the exchange program I.DEAR:

I.Dear and the University of Kassel

I.DEAR (Short form of 'Ingeneers Germany-Argentina') is a program to fund exchange projects in engineering sciences between Germany and Argentina.

The University of Kassel is involved in an exchange projekt with the National University of Cuyo (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo) in Mendoza. The exchange includes a study semester and a practical internship in Argentina.

Where is Mendoza?

Map of South America with the City of Mendoza

Mendoza is a provincial capital with about 940.000 inhabitants (in it's greater area). It was founded in 1561 and lies at the foot of the Andes at about 750 meters above sea level.

The Climate is dry with moderate temperatures in winter and hot months of summer. Important economic factors are, among others, viticulture and production and processing of petroleum.

Partner University

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

The National University of Cuyo was founded in 1939 and counts about 33.000 students whereof 2000 students are studying at the Faculty of Engineering (Facultad de Ingeniera). 480 lecturers and scientists belong to this faculty which provides the following courses of studies: civil engineering, industrial engineering, petroleum engineering, mechatronics and architecture.

Students of the University of Kassel get the ability to choose from the following courses. The courses are provided in spanish.


Hours per Course*

Project Management


Structural Analysis II


Hydraulic Power Plants




Mountain Roads


Structural Design


Environmental impact assessment


Experimental Hydraulics


Hydrology I


Reinforced Concrete I


Sanitary Engineering


Building Facilities II

(electrical and air conditioning)


Maintenance of Civil Works


Soil and Rock Mechanics I


Hydraulic Works


Construction Management


Urban Transportation


 *1 ECTS-Credit (Universität Kassel) = 10 hours (UNCuyo)

Who can apply for the exchange program?

Bachelor students (5th and 6th semester) and Master students (2th and 3th semester) of the courses of civil engineering and environmental engineering can apply.

A Choice is made according to the following criteria:

  • Good results of study.
  • High personal motivation and suitability.
  • Career and technical objectives.
  • Knowledge of Spanish (at least level B1 of the GeRS at the start of the scholarship).

When does the exchange program start?

The second exchange phase for students of the University of Kassel is planned from July 2020 to May 2021.

Who can I talk to in case of questions?

Project Coordinator Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Reul
Address Mönchebergstraße 7
34125 Kassel
Building: Engineering Sciences III
Room Room 1408
Telephone +49 561 804-2631
Telefax +49 561 804-2651
E-mail address o.reul@uni-kassel.de
Picture of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver  Reul



The Deadline for Application for the third exchange phase expires on 10 February 2020.