Our research aims to establish resource-efficient and clean material cycles through the analysis, assessment and design of waste-resource-systems. For this purpose, it is necessary to characterize waste streams from a resource perspective and to investigate technical possibilities for treatment and recycling or safe disposal (research area A), to evaluate waste and waste treatment processes in the context of resource systems (research area B), to optimize material cycles considering valuable and harmful constituents (research area C) and to provide suitable sinks for non-recyclable substances (research area D). Therefore, we combinetechnical aspects of waste characterization and processing with systemic approaches to identify optimal solutions. Areas of application range from product design in recycling-oriented resource systems through better utilization and recycling of consumer waste to recycling and treatment of residues from the construction and infrastructure sector or from thermal processes.


Basic methods for dealing with the questions within the four research areas (A - D) in the field are waste sampling and analysis, treatment experiments (mechanical and thermal), material flow analysis (MFA) and life cycle assessment (LCA).