Testing Fields

In the hydraulic engineering hall in the second basement of the building „Engineering Sciences I“, a test field is available to the Department of Urban Water Engineering. The watercourse Ahna, which flows across the campus and serves as a combined sewer, is directly connected to the hydraulic engineering hall via a pump line. The different water qualities of the watercourse allow a variety of experiments to be carried out.

The hydraulic engineering hall is maintained by the hydraulic research station. The hydraulic research station is a joint institution of the water disciplines in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Image source: FG SWW

On the ground of the wastewater treatment plant of Kassel, the Department of Urban Water Engineering - as a guest of KASSELWASSER - has access to a lightweight construction hall affiliated with the University of Kassel.

Pilot plants on a small and semi-technical scale can be set up and operated there on an area of over 200 m². The staff and students of the department can use various wastewaters and sludges there and test their ideas for optimised purification processes. Some of the accompanying measurements are carried out directly on site. In addition, samples can be taken directly to the department's laboratory on the same site for analysis without delay.