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Hydraulics laboratory and testing facilities for hydraulics and environmental engineering or VPUW (Versuchsanstalt und Prüfstelle für Umwelttechnik und Wasserbau) is a laboratory and testing centre at Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (FB14)University of Kassel.

The VPUW has a status as a technical operating unit of the Faculty. The main objective of the laboratory is to support the task in the areas of water system and environmental engineering:

  • Wastewater Technology
  • Geohydraulics
  • Urban Water Management
  • Hydraulic Engineering / Water Management

in the implementation of experiments, field measurements and technical practise.

The VPUW also handles our own research projects and participates in teaching in the water sector. The inspection facility of VPUW can provide the state inspecting authority following regulation for self-control of State Hessen (EKVO) for mandatory testing of Flow Meters at Wastewater Treatment Plant and Discharge Control at Wastewater Reservoir based on a scientific basis.



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