De­ve­lop­ment of sub­struc­tu­re test in re­al ti­me for hy­drau­lic shaking ta­bles

This is a joint project between UNIKA and IZIIS (Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia) under the support by German Research Foundation (DFG), Project number Do 360/22-1,2. The full structure including a three storey steel frame and a bi-directional TMD with the friction device UHYDE-fbr was tested on the shaking table in IZIIS for producing reference response. Then, the non-linear substructure as the TMD including the friction device UHYDE-fbr was placed on the bi-directional shaking table at UNIKA to perform real-time substructure testing. Different nonlinear effects were tested by controlling air pressure in the friction device UHYDE-fbr device.

The reference model including a half-scale three-storey steel frame and a TMD with the friction device UHYDE-fbr for reference tests using the shaking table at IZIIS
Real-time substructure tests of the TMD with the friction device UHYDE-fbr using the bi-directional shaking table in UNIKA