Gibran Vita

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter



Vita, G. (2022). Mexico: 20 Years of North American Free-Trade Agreement. Socio-Environmental Trends and Unequal Exchange. In J. Murray, A. Owen, M. Simas, & A. Malik (Hrsg.), A triple bottom line analysis of global consumption (S. 1–20). Place of publication not identified: Jenny Stanford Publishing. Abgerufen von


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Vita, G., Lundström, J. R., Hertwich, E. G., Quist, J., Ivanova, D., Stadler, K., & Wood, R. (2019). The Environmental Impact of Green Consumption and Sufficiency Lifestyles Scenarios in Europe: Connecting Local Sustainability Visions to Global Consequences. Ecological Economics, 164, 106322.