Cli­MA - Com­pe­tence Cent­re for Cli­ma­te Chan­ge Miti­ga­ti­on and Ad­ap­ta­ti­on

Due to the close link between climate change and sustainable development of our society, the policies of both areas have converged considerably in terms of content in recent years. The circular interaction between climate change and development becomes obvious when sustainable development is understood as an attempt to link human needs with the environment and socio-economic issues.

Trans­for­ma­ti­ve sci­ence

The Competence Centre for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, in short CliMA, founded in 2009, combines the comprehensive expertise and experience of various environmental disciplines at the Universität Kassel. CliMA pursues research tasks in diverse fields of climate protection and adaptation at all levels - from the basics to application.

The CliMA office supports members in the conception, planning, budgeting, application and, moreover, in the scientific and administrative coordination of transformative research projects. CliMA acts as a networking centre for the cooperation of the University of Kassel with partners from business, administration and civil society. The starting point is often set by questions that arise from local and regional problems.

In this way, the University of Kassel, represented by the CliMA, takes responsibility for contributing solutions to one of the central areas of social change: measures to protect the climate and adaptation to unavoidable climate change are tasks that arise with great urgency all over the world.