Just and sustainable transformation. Gerechte und nachhaltige Transformation.

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Call for applications: 12 doctoral scholarships

Funds from the Hans Böckler Foundation are being used to award twelve doctoral fellowships for the research group "Just and sustainable transformation (JUST). Just and sustainable transformation." (PK 056) at the University of Kassel are awarded to research the central questions arising from the societal challenges to social-ecological transformation. The application period is Feb. 15 to May 31, 2023, with the earliest possible fellowship start date in November 2023.

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In the 2020s, the world is in upheaval. The climate crisis demands a rapid ecological transformation of an already socially polarized society. The tension between the necessary ecological transformation, the strengthening of social standards and the reduction of growing inequality is politically challenging, and its analysis is a scientific desideratum. Within the framework of the Kassel Institute for Sustainability, the University of Kassel has therefore decided to provide graduate funding for four research assistants who will address these pressing issues. These researchers are working together in the research group "Social, Economic and Cultural Institutions of a Just Transformation".

Building on this support, a collegium is currently being established with twelve doctoral fellowships and one postdoctoral position with funding from the Hans Böckler Foundation.

Developing solutions to conflicting goals

The transformation to a sustainable way of doing business, working and living calls for research that identifies conflicting goals and offers approaches to solving them, while at the same time elaborating the complementarity of a participatory social and ecological transformation. The challenge for social actors in this transformation is to recognize the frictional conflicts between social and ecological sustainability goals and to deal with them in a democratic process.

Transdisciplinary study based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the global document of such a strategy, which will be investigated in a transdisciplinary way in the Research Training Group. The implementation of this 2030 Agenda requires addressing multiple trade-offs not only between environmental and social, but also between cultural, economic, and institutional transformation goals.

In the College, the conflicting goals and complementarities are examined in four problem areas:

1. social-ecological sustainability through transformative education.

2. social-ecological accessibility using the example of urban open space planning

3. the importance of diversity and inclusion for sustainable businesses and supply chains

4. the role of the social rule of law and democratic institutions, especially in regions of structural change.

By interweaving transdisciplinary approaches from social sciences, law, economics, education, industrial psychology and planning science with a participatory research approach, the Kolleg aims at conceptual and empirical insights of transformation research as well as application-oriented practical research.

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