New Pro­ject on "Know­ledge Trans­fer to and from Qual­ity Man­age­ment of Stud­ies and Teach­ing (WiaQM)".

The WiaQM project, led by Prof. Dr. Bettina Langfeldt (University of Kassel) together with Prof. Dr. Isabel Steinhardt (University of Paderborn), is dedicated to the mutual transfer processes between quality management at universities and science and higher education research. The joint research at the universities ofKassel and Paderborn is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Science and Research.

WiaQM investigates the relationship between organizational structure, micro-policies and knowledge transfer within and outside of university quality management of teaching and learning. The analysis of transfer processes between QM units, the institution of higher education, and the scientific community is considered central to enhancing university performance, evidence-based governance, and the sustainability of WiHo research.

Methodologically, a sequential mixed-methods design is employed - a combination of bibliometric mapping and research trails, document and instrument analysis, problem-centered interviews, and a standardized online survey. The overarching heuristic used to interpret the data is Crozier and Friedberg's (1995) approach, which views organizations as collective structures created by actor:s and modified by micropolitics to achieve specific goals.


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