Gov­ernance and Or­gan­iz­a­tion

Far-reaching transformation processes at the organizational and management level of higher education institutions - triggered by globalization, the growing impact of scientific knowledge on social structures and the increasingly knowledge-based economy and innovation development - lead many authors to the conclusion that universities are in many ways closer to corporate organizations, that they would therefore increasingly develop towards complete, managed or agent-like organizations. But what impact have increasingly competitive organizational structures in universities on self-control and selection within closely related professions and elites?

Against the background of this question the focus of research in the thematic area "Governance and Organization" is on the analysis of the genesis, diffusion effects and new forms of organization and management tools in the governance of universities. Special attention will be paid to working out the peculiarities of higher education organizations in comparison with other government-related or knowledge areas.


Senior re­searcher

Dr. Oliver Wieczorek

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