RE­BILD: Re­gionale Bildung­s­renditen (abgeschlossen 2014)

Pro­ject Out­put

Winterhager, Nico (2015): Seeking Talent Far and Near - the Regional Dimensions of Campus Recruitment. In: Rüdiger Hamm und Johannes Kopper (Hg.): Higher Education Institutions and Regional Development : Proceedings of the 3. ERSA international Workshop. Krefeld: Stünings-Medien, S. 89–104.

Winterhager, Nico; Krücken, Georg (2015): The Local ‘War for Talent’. Recruitment of Recent Tertiary Education Graduates From a Regional Perspective. Some Evidence from the German Case. In: European Journal of Higher Education 5 (2), S. 127–140.


Three new pub­lic­a­tions on the topic of know­ledge trans­fer and in­nov­a­tion

Three new publications on the topic of knowledge transfer and innovation

Guido Bünstorf, Matthias Geissler and Stefan Krabel are authors or co-authors of three journal articles on the topic of knowledge transfer and innovation and relationships between public research and industry. The articles are linked here - please note, thatthe use is limited to research and teaching only.



  • Prof. Dr. Guido Bünstorf
  • Dr Stefan Krabel
  • Norman Vogt
  • Nicolas Winterhager


  • 2011-2014

REBILD has been conducted jointly by members of the Department of Economics of the University of Kassel and of INCHER-Kassel.

RE­BILD in brief

 The study „RE-BILD: "Regional returns to education through graduate employment" aimed to analyse patterns as well as individual and regional determining factors of spatial mobility of higher education graduates. Based on the empirical outcomes of the study, regional returns to higher education were measured and political recommendations provided.