Climate Adaptation: modelling water scenarios and sectoral impacts.


The aim of this project, funded by the European Commission - DG Environment, is to build an integrated framework for the assessment of vulnerability to climate change impacts and the assessment of adaptation measures in the EU-27 Member States. On the one hand, the integrated assessment framework (IAF) helps to better understand the regional and sectoral distribution of vulnerability to climate change impacts. On the other hand, once vulnerable regions or sectors have been identified, strategies of adaptation measures can be assessed in terms of their ecological, social and economic potential. In order to take into consideration climate change impacts and socio-economic developments, the IAF is based on a consistent and comprehensive set of reference scenarios. Model simulations of the reference scenarios inform the vulnerability assessment, the assessment of adaptation measures, and finally the planning of future adaptation strategies. Since not all information about environmental, economic, and social impacts of adaptation measures is quantified by available models, qualitative information, coming from literature or expert and stakeholder judgement, is incorporated in the assessment as well. Therefore, the project places emphasis on results that are communicated by experts and stakeholders. Both groups are involved in the assessment framework by a participatory process to combine qualitative knowledge with quantitative information from models.

Funding agency

European Commission - DG Environment

Project duration

September 2010  −  September 2010

Project management

Martina Flörke

Project staff

Florian Wimmer


Alterra, The Netherlands; CMCC, Italy; Ecologic Institute, Germany/Austria