CO2 Nutzung

Options for raw material supply of polymer production with increased material recycling using CO2

With regard to a longterm perspective of raw material supply of the German polymer production – the relevant chemical production, resp. –, the study explores the orders of magnitude by which carbon recycling and seqestration of CO2 and use after thermal treatment of carbon rich waste could be environmentally beneficial, and analyses the conditions required for commercial use. Conventional material recycling is not regarded as competitive route but is included in the comparative analysis. Routes producing CO (e.g. gasification) are considered on the basis of available data as an option to close carbon cycles. Technologies routes are studied for the production of platform chemicals such as methane, methanol and synthesis gas  as well as POM (polyoximethylene) from energetic waste disposal. Depending on the future electricity and natural gas mix and assumed efficiency gains, the development until 2030 and 2050 is also shown. Environmental indicators are global warming potential (GWP) and cumulative energy demand (CED).

The project was conducted on as research contract of the Wuppertal Institute on behalf of BKV and PlasticsEurope

Funding agency

Wuppertal Institut

Project duration

August 2015 − July 2016

Project management

Stefan Bringezu

Project staff

Wieland Hoppe